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NYC TREE REMOVAL, TRIMMING & Emergency tree services

Professional Arborists serving Manhattan & The Bronx

At Manhattan Tree Services, we don’t just take care of trees—we take care of our city. Our expert arborists are fully licensed, insured, and bonded, ensuring your peace of mind as we handle your trees with the skill and dedication that NYC demands.

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tree removal nyc

Tree removal

Need a tree removed? Whether it’s looming over your building or tucked into a tight spot, we have the expertise and equipment to handle it safely and efficiently.

We’ve tackled some of the tallest and trickiest trees in Manhattan, including mulberry trees and Ailanthus trees.

Why you need this service: Overgrown or dead trees, such as mulberry trees or Ailanthus trees, can pose significant safety hazards, potentially causing damage to property or injuring people.

Removing these trees promptly can prevent accidents and costly repairs. Additionally, tree removal can improve the aesthetics and value of your property.

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Tree Trimming

Keep your trees healthy and looking their best with our professional tree trimming services.

We remove dead or overgrown branches to enhance your tree’s appearance and promote healthy growth. Our team ensures your landscape remains beautiful and safe year-round. 

Why you need this service: Regular tree trimming prevents potential hazards from falling branches, especially in high-traffic areas. It also helps maintain the structural integrity of your trees, meaning healthier and more robust growth.

This is especially important for fast-growing species like mulberry trees and Ailanthus trees.

tree pruning nyc

Tree pruning

Tree pruning is essential for maintaining the health and safety of your trees. Our precise pruning services remove dead, diseased, or overgrown branches to improve the tree’s structure and health.

Better air circulation and sunlight exposure mean healthier, stronger trees. 

Why you need this service: Proper pruning can prevent the spread of disease and pest infestations within your trees.

It also enhances the tree’s natural shape and promotes better fruit and flower production.

Regular pruning is crucial for trees like mulberry trees that require careful management.

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Emergency Tree Services

When storms strike, you need a reliable team that responds quickly.

Our emergency tree services are available 24/7 for any urgent tree care needs.

Whether it’s a fallen tree or a hazardous branch, we’re there promptly to ensure your property is safe. 

Why you need this service: Severe weather can cause unexpected tree damage, creating immediate safety risks.

Our rapid response ensures that these hazards are addressed quickly, protecting your property and loved ones.

storm cleanup service

Storm Damage Cleanup

After a storm, dealing with fallen trees and debris can be overwhelming. Let us handle the cleanup.

We clear your property quickly and thoroughly, removing fallen trees, broken branches, and other debris. We’ll restore order to your property in no time. 

Why you need this service: Post-storm cleanup can be dangerous and labor-intensive.

Professional cleanup not only ensures your property is cleared safely and efficiently but also helps prevent further damage from debris.

how to remove spotted lanternflies


Spotted lanternflies are invasive pests that can damage your trees and plants.

We assess the impact of lanternfly infestations in order to protect your trees.

Why you need this service: Spotted lanternflies can cause significant damage to trees and plants, weakening them and making them more susceptible to disease.

Early intervention ensures that your property can be lanternfly-free.

This service is especially crucial for vulnerable species like mulberry trees and Ailanthus trees. The Ailanthus is also an invasive species.

Why Choose Us for Your Professional Tree Services?

  • Expert Team: Our arborists are experienced professionals with a deep understanding of NYC tree services and the unique challenges of the city.
  • Affordable Rates: Quality tree care at competitive prices. We believe in providing excellent service without breaking the bank.
  • NYC Specialists: We’re well-versed in working in Manhattan’s tight spaces and busy streets. No job is too big or small for us.

When you need reliable, professional tree care in Manhattan, call us at 646-585-2889 for a free estimate. Let Manhattan Tree Services take care of your trees so you can enjoy a beautiful, safe, and green environment.

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